I’m making a film that explores Charles Manson’s legacy in Hollywood and his connection to a series of random murders years later in the music industry. For the past two years I’ve been working non-stop on this project that I’m determined to make as my first feature, do or die…  THE DEAD CIRCUS, which I adapted from John Kaye’s brilliantly complex and twisted noir of a book that was on the New York Times Notable Book of the Year List a few years ago. I read the book two years ago as a senior at Yale, flipped out and cold called John Kaye and told him how much I loved his book and wanted to turn it into a film. It was edgy, provocative, thrilling with great characters who said things that lingered with me long after I turned the last few pages… The last week of my senior year, I flew out to LA to meet with John and two years later  I now have a screenplay that I’m really excited about and can’t wait to bring it to life. Seems like an easy process so far… write my screenplay, then go shoot it, right?

Well, the challenge I’m facing presently is how do I get my film set up and financed with me as a first-timer? The current economic climate certainly doesn’t help me, but I’m determined to overcome this obstacle and address it in the most creative and effective way. I want to make the best first film possible and in an ideal world, I’m looking to create a new paradigm for how films can get financed and produced.

But I certainly don’t need anyone’s permission to do this so with that said, the premise of my blog is simple… I’m going to do something every day to get my movie set up and financed, and I’m going to blog what I did and my progress toward that goal. It’s my job to stay focused and be accountable to my vision and see that I’m committed to doing something daily to move the project forward. And it’s your job to read my blog, follow my progress, offer your ideas and input, become a fan of THE DEAD CIRCUS and spread the word. The whole world is watching.

Bear in mind I’ve been already working on this project for a year now, so there are already things in motion that I’ll catch you up to speed on ASAP. But tonight, the stakes just got a lot higher. Luc Besson said to prepare for a film like a battle.  Well, here I am… ready to hit the battlefront. =)


4 Responses to “About THE DEAD CIRCUS Blog”

  1. Good luck to you, Son. I hope you can get this made. John Kaye is my roommate and I know I’d like to see the back of him so…it’s up to you!

  2. Adam,

    Go for it. I loved the book as well. Persistence is the key.

    Just an observation, it might be a glitch on my computer, but your blog copy is repeated.

    All the best.


  3. cast the manson character first and it will really help get the movie made

  4. Casting Academy Award winner Melissa Leo as a “Manson Family Matriarch” in “The Dead Circus” guarantees the success of the film and guarantees another Oscar for Melissa. As Mlissa’s unpaid press agent who would like to see the media discussing Melissa and “The Dead Circus” 24/7 for the next year, I would urge Melissa to schedule an immediate press conference for the purpose of announcing that she is inviting the real Charles Manson to be her “oscar date” next year. The studio will then petition Governor Brown to release Manson from prison for the one night. The media will go nuts! They will talk of nothing else. Larry King will come out of retirement to interview Melissa and Manson in Manson’s prison cell. The Academy will announce in advance that Melissa has unanimously been awarded the Oscar just in case Manson shows up. Charlie Sheen will proclaim that “Melissa Leo has tiger blood.” Joan Rivers, Ryan Seacrest and “The Fashion Police” will spend weeks comparing Manson’s prison uniform to current fashion trends. People will flock to the theaters to see “The Dead Circus.” Ratings for the Oscar Telecast will soar. As Charlie Sheen would say: “DUH, WINNING!”

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