DEAD CIRCUS Soundtrack

1. Charles Manson – “Cease to Exist”
Charlie sings and gives the snuff films to Alice.

2. Jefferson Airplane – “Somebody to Love”
Alice meets Chris Long at Devonshire Downs.

3. Simon Finn – “Big White Car”
Alice drives Chris Long to Spahn Ranch and tells him that she killed someone.

4. Barbara McNair – “My World is Empty Without You”
Ray offers Sandra’s clothes to a waitress in a diner.

5. Joan Baez – “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You”
Ray listens to melancholy records after the funeral and yells at his agent on the phone.

6. Dinah Washington – “Drinking Again”
Ray reminiscences about the past with Gene at Musso & Frank.

7. Bobby Fuller – “I Fought the Law”
Bobby Fuller performs the song live at PJ’s.

8. Garnet Mimms – “As Long As I Have You”

Ray meets Sandra at PJ’s.

9. Evie Sands – “I Can’t Let Go”
Backstage at PJ’s. Herb Stelzner offers Bobby Fuller a new contract.

10. Russell Morris – “The Real Thing”
Montage of 16mm footage covering the Bobby Fuller murder; Ray pitches the story to his agent.

11. Pacific, Gas & Electric – “Are You Ready?”
Ray interviews Speedo Jake.

12.  Gloria Jones – “Tainted Love”
Ray looks for Herb Stelzner at Big City Music.

13. Dee Dee Sharp – “Deep Dark Secret”
Billy Legend at Rockaway Records tells Ray about the snuff films.

14. Buddy Miles – “Down By the River”
Montage of Ray writing and looking at the case files.

15.  Merry Clayton – “Gimme Shelter”
Melanie Novak tells Ray about the conspiracy.

16. The Beach Boys – “Never Learn Not to Love”
Charlie plays the song for Chris Long and claims he wrote it.

17. Friend and Lover – “Reach out in the Darkness”
Alice calls Chris Long and frightens him with news of Gary Hinman’s murder.

18. Donovan – “Season of the Witch”
Alice meets Chris Long and Speedo Jake at the Tropicana Motel to exchange the snuff films.

19.  Vanilla Fudge – “You Keep Me Hanging On”
The White Rabbit calls Ray. “The dead can talk too, Ray. Ask Melanie Novak.” Ray finds Melanie murdered.

20. Aretha Franklin – “One Step Ahead”
Herb Stelzner and Gene drive to look for Chris Long. Herb’s monologue.

21. Nico and Velvet Underground – “Femme Fatale”
Alice seduces Ray.

22. Nina Simone – “Wild is the Wind”
Chris Long says goodbye to his mother; shoot-out with Gene.

23. Them – “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”
Ray and Alice drive into Death Valley.

24. Jefferson Airplane – “White Rabbit”
Ray meets the White Rabbit. End.


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